Delivering a safer recovery alternative for clients

Bring health services and end-to-end recovery support directly to your addiction treatment center.

A whole-person approach to recovery 

We believe patients have the best chance for long-term recovery when medical and behavioral health issues are treated alongside addiction treatment. That’s why our providers are licensed to offer both.

High-quality medical services for every client

Individualized Care

Patients will receive personalized attention from HIPPA-trained medical staff, including medical assessments, specialized treatments, and follow-ups.

Medication Management

Enhance your MAT program with safely prescribed addiction medications—such as Sublocade and Vivitrol—and ongoing patient monitoring.

Health Education

To overcome the stigma of addiction, we help clients develop a medical perspective on substance abuse disorder and addiction medicine.

Ongoing MAT Support

Because Rume offers whole-patient MAT services at its Huntington Beach clinic, clients can stick to their discharge plans without disruption or stress.

Medi-Cal, Medicare, and most insurances accepted.

Level up your program by partnering with Rume

Say goodbye to off-site urgent care visits for things like MAT services,
lab draws, and blood pressure monitoring.

Allow us to bring comprehensive health services directly to you.

Our vision, actualized

Dr. Matthew Abinante, CEO of Rume Health, saw a glaring lack of dedicated healthcare providers in the addiction treatment space.

Fueled by the belief that every person deserves affordable, accessible, individualized health care, Rume Enterprise was born.

Let’s help more people together

Contact us today to schedule a visit at zero cost to your facility.
Together, we can help your clients live healthier,
happier lives.

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