Here for your whole health journey

In-person and virtual health services for every facet of your life 

On-demand telehealth appointments

Diagnostic testing and vaccinations 

Holistic health therapies

Stigma-free addiction treatment

Doctor was friendly and VERY thorough.
She also scheduled a follow-up visit due to my medical history.

Holly G.

Easy, fast, and very reliable.
I was able to get my medication right after my appointment.

Harper K.

Check-in process was simple, with a video call to a doctor who asked some questions.
We were in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Stephen E.

Compassionate care the day you need it  

The average wait time to visit a traditional doctor’s office is 21 days. You deserve better.
At Rume, same-day telehealth appointments are always available, and the average wait-time to see a Rume provider is less than 5 minutes.

3 Million+ people have trusted us with their care

Use your insurance, HSA or cash to pay 

Diagnostic testing to help you
discover and recover faster

Test for everyday illnesses like COVID-19 and the flu, or for less frequent infections like UTIs and STIs.

Best of all, each discrete test includes a virtual doctor’s appointment and a tailored treatment plan to fast-track your return to good health.

With 7 California testing locations to choose from, Rume is your shortcut to feeling better faster.

IV therapy and wellness injections
to help you recharge and rejuvenate

Combat dehydration, brain fog, fatigue, and more by giving your body the essential nutrients it craves.
Administered by registered nurses in our serene Sameday Health clinics, our wellness injections and IV treatments offer a quick and effective way to boost your overall wellness.

A Better Healthcare Experience

Membership-based medicine with unlimited office visits and direct access to your provider team via email and text. Healthcare that is affordable and personalized for you.

Recover from substance abuse
disorder (SUD) without shame 

Addiction, including alcoholism, is a major medical condition that deserves compassionate care—and urgent attention.

At our SUD clinic, we can help you safely slow or stop drug use with medically assisted treatment (MAT) and ongoing behavioral health support to ensure long-term recovery.

We bring MAT services to recovery centers, too  

If you work at an addiction treatment facility, say good-bye to off-site urgent care visits for things like MAT services, lab draws, and blood pressure monitoring.

We can bring comprehensive health services directly to your patients.

At Rume, we’re changing what it
means to “go to the doctor”  

Our mission is to forge a new model of healthcare—one that integrates seamlessly into your life, even as you change and grow.

We aren’t a crowded waiting room, a daunting hospital room, or a cold exam room.

We provide health services based on the real-life needs of our real-life communities.