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Welcome to a vibrant, unexpected wellness experience. Convenient drive-thru testing and telemedicine on your terms.

Welcome to a vibrant, unexpected wellness experience.

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Rume: A new age of healthcare

A new kind of resource for accessible, affordable healthcare from trusted, certified professionals

Gone are the days of crowded waiting rooms, daunting hospitals, and cold exam tables. At Rume, we offer care on your terms, where and when you need it, including telemedicine, drive thrus, and popups. You’ll get quick results and trusted insights. And we’re just getting started.

How it works

Not all situations require in-person care and sometimes telehealth alone doesn’t cover it all. That’s why we seamlessly combine the two depending on your needs. Here’s how the Rume process works.

Simply select “Book Now.” Health concerns often need answers immediately, so you’ll see someone as soon as you book.

Meet with your provider via our HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Your time is valuable, so your provider shows up when you do.

Depending on your needs, your provider could send a prescription to the pharmacy, recommend a home test, or suggest an in-person follow up at a Rume location.

Follow up with your provider if necessary. If not, we’re here the next time you have a healthcare need.

What we do

Rume is growing quickly and we’re expanding our services all the time.

Not sure where to start?

Check out our FAQ section to find answers.

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Welcome to Rume
Rume was born with the vision of adapting to the more long-term healthcare needs of patients across the country.
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