Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

The test that is most suitable for your travel needs will depend on your destination. is a resource for our patients
to use to see which test is most appropriate for their situation. Patients should research the testing requirement for their trip prior to booking a test. If you have specific travel needs such as a travel form or other document or if you need advice on which test is appropriate for you destination, visit Dirven Care’s travel page for more information.

Many of our sites accept walk-ups, but some of them do not. Please check the individual site webpage to see the status of that location. If a site is only accepting appointments, but has no appointments avaialbe, please check a neighboring site.
A copy of the test result will be sent to the email and phone number you provide during online patient registration.
SARS Cov-2 is an acronym Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which is a virus that causes the disease of COVID-19.
Antibodies are proteins detected by a blood test that can help us determine if your body has developed a response to a COVID-19 infection or vaccine. A positive antibody test could indicate that you have had a past infection with COVID-19 or have been vaccinated.
If you have placed an order for a test and scheduled an appointment at one of our clinics, but are unable to make it at your scheduled time, the site will continue to honor your original order, provided all necessary forms have been completed. A patient may visit the site at their earliest convenience.
Our tele-health partner would be happy to assist. Please contact Driven Care at:
Yes, Covid Clinic and its partnered labs are all CLIA (Clinic Laboratory Improvements Amendments) compliant.
Covid Clinic accommodates patients of all ages and capabilities. Parental consent is required to test minors which can be completed in the online consent form.
Most sites accept walk-ups or bke-ups. Please check the individual site webpage to verify.
Covid Clinic offers a rapid antibody test that can detect IgG and IgM antibodies within an hour. The presence of antibodies may be indicative of a past infection.
We try to make testing accessible for all. Each region should have a site that has higher capacity and longer hours. Please see neighboring sites for appointments or walk-up availability.
No, Medicare will not reimburse you for any tests you receive from Covid Clinic. You have to pay for the test out-of-pocket.

Billing & payment

No. For sanitary reasons, we do not accept paper forms or payment on site. Payment can be completed by enrolling online at
We believe that a patient should be able to test whenever they want, with or without insurance. Many of our patients have been successful in paying for testing and then submitting their invoice to their insurance company for reimbursement. If you cannot afford testing, please fill out our Scholarship Application form for a no-cost test! Scholarships are available each day, based on need. These scholarships are not for same day use, as applications are reviewed each evening after the 7:00pm cutoff time.
Yes, voucher codes can be purchased at After purchase, you can provide the voucher to the patient so they can register for a test and pay with the voucher code.
Since orders do not expire, a patient is able to cancel their appointment and still be tested at their earliest convenience. If a patient has purchased a test and no longer wishes to be tested, the Help Center can confirm that services were not rendered and cancel the order. Can I please confirm the patient’s name and order number?
Insurance companies may reimburse for COVID testing services. It is the patient’s responsibility to be aware of any requirements imposed by his/her insurance company to obtain reimbursement for COVID testing services. COVID Clinic encourages patients to contact their insurance company for additional information prior to receiving testing services if the patient intends to seek reimbursement for the cost of the testing services. COVID Clinic will provide an invoice for its testing services. COVID Clinic does not guarantee that any patient’s insurance company will provide reimbursement. Please be advised that CIGNA will not reimburse its members for self-pay COVID Testing services. Similarly, Medicare will not reimburse you for any tests you receive from Covid Clinic. You have to pay for the test out-of-pocket.
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