New from Rume: Virtual Women’s Health Clinic

We’ve created a brand new way for women to stay on top of their health.

Ladies, it’s time to start investing in your personal health. And Rume Health’s Virtual Women's Health Clinic makes it easier than ever.

What does the Virtual Women’s Health Clinic offer?

Board-certified providers will safely evaluate, diagnose, and treat any sexual or reproductive health concerns you may be having. For example, we see patients regularly to discuss and/or treat everything from bacterial and viral sexually transmitted infections to painful or irregular periods, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and more.  

In addition to diagnosing and treating patients with new ailments, we also provide continued care for patients with existing diagnoses.

The benefits of using Rume’s Virtual Women’s Health Clinic

If you’ve never considered using telemedicine as a way to quickly address health issues, here are a few reasons to give our new virtual clinic a try: 

Get treatment from wherever you are.
You can choose to see a women’s health specialist when the time and place is right for you–at home, from the car, or at the office.

Skip the traffic and save on gas money.
There’s no need to drive anywhere for this appointment. You can save that next podcast ep for next time.

Save your PTO for something… not health related.
If you’ve got 30 minutes between meetings, we can get you in and out before your next scheduled event. Use your free time for something fun! 

Get answers fast.
You shouldn’t have to wait a month to see an in-office doctor. That’s why at our clinic, you can choose to schedule an appointment to see someone right away, or schedule an appointment for the future. 

Save on health costs.
Visits are just $99–a price-point that’s well below the cost of a traditional in-office visit. 

Access for those without insurance.
Women face enough barriers when it comes to managing personal health. Insurance shouldn’t be one of them. Our appointment costs are meant to be affordable for everyone–even those without insurance.

More access for those living in rural areas.
Visiting the doctor doesn’t have to be an all-day event. Save your drive to town or the city for something that doesn’t land you in a germ-filled clinic waiting room.

More access for those living in underserved urban areas.
Urban living conditions present a unique set of health challenges, especially for non-white low-income residents. Our virtual clinic is one step toward creating a healthcare system that’s as equitable as it is accessible.

Ladies, let's make this year your healthiest yet!

Gone are the days of crowded waiting rooms, daunting hospitals, and cold exam tables. At Rume, we offer care on your terms, where and when you need it, including telemedicine and drive-thru testing. And we’re just getting started!

Book a visit to our Virtual Women's Health Clinic now.

Or, learn more about the testing and COVID-19 treatment services offered by our sister company, Covid Clinic.  

Still have questions?

We now offer on-demand telehealth services through our preferred provider, Rume Health! You’ll get care on your terms, where and when you need it, including telemedicine, drive-thru’s, and popups – with quick results and trusted insights.

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