Rume Wellness – Huntington Beach

Rume Wellness: Huntington Beach

Addiction treatment and behavioral health 


MAT Support

Sublocade Treatment

Vivitrol Treatment


Outpatient Detox

Help is available to successfully overcome opioid addiction

At Rume Wellness, we offer Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) to help clients achieve long-term recovery from substance abuse disorder. We accept most PPO insurance and offer affordable cash prices.

Therapy sessions from a licensed therapist are also available for booking.

Please note: Rume Wellness is located inside the Pacifica building, which sits at the intersection of Delaware and Main Street. Take the main lobby elevator to the sixth floor and exit left. You’ll find us at the first door on your right, suite 670.

An integrated approach to care 

Research shows that the combination of pharmacologic (medical) and behavioral treatment is the most effective way to overcome addiction.

As a Rume Wellness client, you’ll have access to both.

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Cost of service: $225.00

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Your initial exam fee includes a two-week follow-up appointment.
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Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm