Diagnostic Testing

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Diagnostic testing for everyday illnesses and symptoms

Covid testing, flu testing, strep testing, and more. With 8 California testing centers located across the state, we can help you quickly gain more knowledge about the status of your health.

Image of medical professional administering a covid test to girl, while she lowers the mask off her nose.

8 testing locations

CLIA compliant

Same-day results

On-site medical consults


“Easy COVID-19 testing. The provider subscribed Paxlovid in the same visit. Staff were quick and very kind.”

Irena A.

“Check-in process was simple with a video call to a doctor who asked some questions. We were in and out in less than 5 minutes. Awesome.”

Stephen E.

“Kristina was absolutely fantastic and extremely helpful. Straight to the point and did her job with ease. 10/10 recommend.”

Monica R.

“Staff is very accommodating and friendly, and was wearing proper PPE.”

Jamar K.

“Staff was very friendly and helpful. Conversation was uplifting. It went quickly. I loved being able to talk with a provider and have my questions answered.”

Aria P.

Book the test that’s right for you

Test Full Name
Self-Pay Price
Result Time
Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test
2+ business days
Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test
1 hour
COVID-19/Flu A & B Combo PCR Test
2+business days
Rapid Strep Throat Antigen Test
1 hour
Rapid Mono Antibody Test
1 hour
Rapid RSV Antigen Test
1 hour
Rapid COVID-19 + Flu Antigen Test
1 hour
Expedited COVID-19 PCR Test
1-2 business days
Rapid Flu A & B Antigen Test
1 hour
Rapid COVID-19 PCR Test
1-2 hours
UTI Test**
30 minutes
STD Test**
$95 – $400
< 4 days
*$0 with insurance
**Available at Sameday Health by Rume

Provider-guided care, the whole way through

We’re more than just a diagnostic testing service. Every test you order includes a complimentary virtual medical consultation, ensuring added value without extra cost.

So skip the Google and WebMD symptom searches. At your testing location you’ll be able to ask a licensed medical provider any questions you have — at zero cost to you. We’re on standby to get you back to feeling your best.

Virtual treatment is included
with every diagnostic test!

Test results don’t mean much without a treatment plan to follow.

That’s why every diagnostic test at Rume includes a virtual doctor’s appointment and a treatment plan if your test results come back positive.

These treatment plans are covered by the test’s price and do not involve any additional charges on your part! If you’re prescribed medicine it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice within approximately 15 minutes of your appointment.

Safety first, customer service always

Our testing centers are CLIA compliant, so you can expect a safe and clean testing environment with accurate results no matter what location you select.

But you can also expect exemplary customer service. We aim to help you feel better quickly through a professional, swift, and compassionate testing experience.

Questions about booking a test?

We have the answer! Start by reviewing our
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