Rume was born with the vision of adapting to the more long-term healthcare needs of patients across the country. Looking to the future, patients will be able to choose between virtual and in person appointments for urgent and primary care services. At launch, we will have COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 treatment, and telehealth services.

Imagine your doctor’s appointment, but instead of waiting in a room full of strangers and germs, you wait in the comfort and privacy of your vehicle, home, office or really – anywhere you have access to internet. Your healthcare needs addressed in one stop, all without exiting your comfort zone. This is healthcare reinvented with a patient focused mentality. This is Rume.

Rume; a new beginning

 As the world shut down and doors closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Abinante, our founder, opened windows for communities by providing COVID-19 testing for millions (well, 3.4 million, but who’s counting) of Americans. He saw the need for accessible public testing on a national scale and founded Covid Clinic, a non-profit focused on testing for all. Covid Clinic uniquely paved the way for a drive-through lab testing model and just as diseases vary, so do the needs of the community.
The pandemic has further put to light just how archaic our healthcare system has become. At Rume, with our primary focus on the patient, we are revolutionizing the future of healthcare. Our goal is to ensure excellent healthcare is accessible, affordable, and approachable to anyone that needs it. Here, you come first.

Our expanded list of services

A system built on three pillars, accessibility, approachability, and affordability. With an ever-expanding repertoire of medical services, we strive to accommodate your medical needs. Once we’ve completed the rebrand of existing Covid Clinic sites, we anticipate the capacity to offer these services: Monkeypox testing, flu testing, COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 telehealth treatment services, and COVID-19 prescription services. Some of these services will vary by location.

Our goal is to prioritize your health and allow you to take the lead in your wellness journey. At Rume, you can connect to one of our expert providers day or night,  allowing you to continue with your day without skipping a beat. With access to telehealth appointments, innovative drive-thrus, and community response pop-ups, the fears of cold medical facilities are left in the past. Through our approachability model we promise complete transparency, so no need to worry, you can put the co-pay guessing games behind you. Before any appointment, you’ll know exactly what the out-of-pocket cost is. The anxiety-inducing price puzzles are a thing of the past.

Transforming the healthcare experience

Change can be difficult or even uncomfortable, but in this case it’s quite the opposite. After all, your healthcare experience should be a healing one, not a daunting one. Come with us as we revolutionize the path for a healthier you. Say goodbye to typical doctor’s offices and waiting rooms, say hello to a new age of healthcare.

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Rume was born with the vision of adapting to the more long-term healthcare needs of patients across the country.
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