On-site COVID- 19 testing

Whether you’re looking for individual testing, want to make sure you’re safe prior to attending a large event, or getting ready to travel, Rume has the right test for you.

Man on a telehealth call with a doctor, getting care

What to expect

Pricing & Billing

Patients make a payment using credit card or other method directly on the Rume website.
Recently received a bill from Rume?

If you received a recent bill or statement, we are here to help! The amount shown may be what your insurance has to pay. Please note that some tests and treatments may only be free if your insurance is on file.

If you have any further questions, please contact cs@rumehealth.com.

Rume Medical Group has been offering telemedicine, specimen collecting, and processing services for COVID-19 testing locations nationwide since 2020.​ We are dedicated to helping you resolve any billing issues in a clear and understandable manner.