Get tested for Monkeypox at a location near you

Help make an impact in your community

Monkeypox has been declared a national health emergency, and your local state
offi cials are taking action. In partnership with Rume Health, your city has opened a

Monkeypox testing center near you.

If you’re showing symptoms of Monkeypox, or believe you were exposed to the virus,
getting tested right away can help reduce your recovery time and help prevent the
virus from spreading to others in your community. This site can test infection with a

saliva sample or lesion sample.

If you receive positive test results, you won’t have to recover alone. Rume Health’s
Monkeypox testing service includes a post-testing consultation with a trusted
telehealth medical provider. Together, you’ll build a treatment plan specifi c to your


Monkeypox testing options

Saliva Sample
Lesion Sample

Skip the wait and book a same-day appointment

Eastmont Oakland site
7000 Bancroft Ave, Oakland, CA 94605
Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM

Getting treatment: what happens if you test positive?

Testing positive for Monkeypox can be scary–but with the right follow-up care, it doesn’t have to
be. If you test positive, we’ll help you work through the news and determine the best course of
action for a quick recovery. You’ll be sent an invitation to meet virtually with an experienced Rume
Medical Group provider, who will work with you to develop a treatment plan that may include:

  • Assistance with medication applications
  • Vaccination advice: if taken shortly after exposure, the vaccination can reduce the severity of symptoms, and/or shorten isolation periods
  • Recommendations for over-the-counter remedies
  • General wellness advice for boosting your immune system


Cost of Monkeypox test

2 – 4 days

to receive test results

30 min.

to complete testing

Meet your providers

At Rume Health, providing communities with access to healthcare is in our DNA. That’s why we’ve recently expanded our services to include testing for MonkeyPox–a serious new health threat that deserves to be taken seriously.

As a drive-thru testing and telemedicine company, we’re working to create a brand new model of healthcare–one that integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle and your schedule.

Our licensed medical providers are compassionate, experienced professionals who are ready to guide you through the Monkeypox testing and recovery process.

What to expect at your testing appointment

Each testing location will have a private, dedicated kiosk where the actual testing will take place. We encourage you to register for your appointment before you arrive to expedite your visit with us. When you arrive to your testing location:


Stay in your car; an on-site staff member will approach your vehicle and ask you to show proof of registration and payment from your open window.


Once you’ve shown proof of registration and payment, park your vehicle and wait for a staff member to escort you to your testing kiosk.


In the kiosk, your provider will collect 4–6 samples from 2–3 lesion sites if showcasing; you may be asked to remove your bottoms in order for the provider to access the lesion sites.


You’ll receive a text message containing your test results within 1–3 days; regardless of your results, you’ll be sent a link to meet virtually with a provider to discuss any follow-up care.


You can choose to use your consultation link at a time that works best for you; providers are on standby and ready to help 7 days a week, 7AM to 10PM PDT.

We look forward to meeting you

If you spot even a single rash or lesion on your body, please don’t wait for more to appear before coming in for a test. At Rume Health, we’re here to serve and support you–as soon as you need it, whenever you need it.