Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test

Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test

Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test

This COVID-19 PCR test is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing, providing unparalleled reliability and accuracy in spotting active infections. 

PCR tests identify the genetic material of the virus within your body, enabling an accurate diagnosis at early stages of the infection regardless of if you’re showing symptoms or not.

Cost: $100
Result Time: 2+ Business Days
Collection Method: Nasal Swab
Covered by Insurance: Yes*
Virtual treatment included: Yes**

*$0 with insurance 
**With positive test result
Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test

More about the Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test

This is the same type of test that hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and urgent care centers use to diagnose patients.

Samples from this test are sent to a laboratory for processing and analysis.

If you want the most trustworthy result and peace of mind, a diagnostic PCR test is a great choice.

Virtual treatment included with every test

If your Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test comes back positive, a Rume Health provider will reach out to you to create a treatment plan.

These treatment plans are covered by the test’s price and do not involve any additional charges on your part! If you’re prescribed a medication, such as Paxlovid, it will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

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