8 Signs you are your family’s Chief Medical Officer

Are you the Chief Medical Officer of your family? Read more to find out!

While it might seem odd to use a business term to describe a role within a family, chances are you know exactly who I’m talking about within yours. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in your family could even be you!

Did you know that approximately 80% of the healthcare choices in the family are made by a single person?

That person is also the one who predominantly takes the children to the doctor when needed. And, 70% of the time, that person ensures family members get recommended care and treatment.

These very special people are who we like to refer to as the CMO of their family’s healthcare. When it comes to healthcare, women–especially mothers, are often the decision makers for their families.

To further illustrate the significant role of women as healthcare decision makers for their families, consider this: 58% of family caregivers are women according to the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Let’s take a look at the 8 signs that you may be your family's CMO!

1. You make all of your family’s medical appointments

When you need to visit the doctor's office, refill a prescription, or get advice from a nurse–you’re likely the one making these calls. Women are both a primary consumer and decision maker for themselves and their loved ones. 

2. Provider research and selection 

In this survey, 79% of mothers report they assume responsibility for selecting their family provider, and researching provider options.

3. Transporting your loved ones to healthcare appointments 

In the same survey, 77% of mothers report responsibility for physically taking their families to their doctors appointments.  

4. Juggling work schedules to take time off for medical care appointments

These days, most people are busier than ever before. But the CMO of your family will also have the daunting task of juggling work schedules or taking PTO to accommodate medical care appointments. 

5. Taking your kids out of school early/calling off for them to attend an appointment  

It can be very stressful to work around children’s schedules, too! Absences are difficult with limitations to how many days your children can take off of school to begin with, let alone having to work around educational schedules.  

6. Providing a doctor's note or documentation to work/school

Most schools require a doctor's note to excuse a child's absence, and sometimes, an employer will require this too! If you’re the CMO for your family, you always remember to ask for a doctor's note - while oftentimes being responsible for sending it to the school or work that requires it. 

7. Forms, documents, insurance, and more! 

A family CMO has this part down to a science! They have access to their family’s ID cards, medical cards, birth certificates, social security numbers, and more–ready to give to the medical clerk upon check in. Many times, they will even have all of these documents scanned and saved in their computers/phones. A great CMO has each family member's medical history, important dates, and personal information completely memorized for future use. 

8. Medications

The task of calling the pharmacy and making sure your family's prescriptions are filled and ready on time, will also be this person's duty!  From RX pick up, to medication storage, to distributing the doses–this person handles it all!

The truth is that no matter who the CMO is for your family, it’s guaranteed to be only a tiny sliver of their daily responsibilities. In particular, for mothers today, this has continued to become more challenging. About 71% of mothers with children younger than 18 were in the labor force in 2012, compared to only 47% in 1975.

This is important because as women focus on their careers, they often get married later in life, and ultimately get a later start as mothers. This means that one might go straight from managing her own children’s care to managing an elderly family member’s care. When healthcare needs of both children and elders take place at the same time, it can put a lot of strain on an already taxed and stretched CMO. And while the needs may be similar, they’re not the same–and frankly, it can be tough to balance.While we can’t solve every challenge, we do our very best to keep our families happy and healthy. 

To our fellow CMOs, be proud of your accomplishments and keep up the good work!

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