About us

Dr. Matt Abinante, a board-certified family physician, created Rume as a way to provide exceptional care in the way people actually need it. His goal, and what we still do today, was to disrupt traditional healthcare, from delivery and customer experience all the way down to how we spell things.

We aren’t a crowded waiting room, a daunting hospital room, or a cold exam room.

We stand for a new age of care, one built on your terms.

Our mission

Our mission is to forge a new model of healthcare that integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle and schedule. We place the well-being, safety, and privacy of our patients above all else. Every product, service, and experience is built with your needs and life context in mind. Every decision we make is based on what we learn from our patients.

Our origins

The Rume story begins in 2020–right after the U.S. government declared a national emergency in response to COVID-19.

In California, cases and death tolls were quickly rising. So Dr. Matthew Abinante, a family physician with a master’s degree in public health, decided to take big action.

Our values

Our core values drive everything we do. They include:






Looking for a career?
We have Rume for you

Empowering the future of care only happens with great people dedicated to the mission. If you’re looking to join a company built on compassion, drive, and service, Rume is the right place for you. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back soon, we’re updating roles regularly.